My Profile

I'm Eleanor Madelaine, a British freelance translator. I'm from the north of England and came to France in 2008 as part of my degree in French studies. Passionate about languages, France and the French culture, I decided to stay and have lived in Orléans in the Loire Valley since 2009. I feel lucky to live in a region which is so rich in history and culture and this environment inspires my work. 

I have a degree in French Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation.

 Advanced translation studies, taught by leading figures in the industry, have enabled me to develop my technique and pursue my translation career with a professional outlook. 


I have been studying or working with French and English for over 10 years and understand the subtleties and contrasts between both languages and cultures. As a professional translator I continually develop my skills in translation and keep up to date with the sectors I translate for.


I am a member of the translation association APROTRAD, based in the Centre-Val-de-Loire.

I grew up in a family who worked for museums and art galleries. I learnt a lot over the years and developed the same passion for the industry. It felt natural for me to pair my love for languages and translation with my passion for art and heritage. Over the years I have gained experience in other areas such as marketing & communication, tourism and gastronomy.