French to English Translation

We are rarely able to express ourselves in another language as well as we can in our native language.  Therefore as a professional translator I only translate into my native language, English. If necessary, I research context and specialised terminology to ensure my work is accurate. I don't simply translate words from one language to another, I also transfer the feeling or the idea of the original text so that the translation doesn't read like a translation, but like a well-written piece of writing. I'm based in Orléans, France and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I work with clients around the world. 


Editing and Proofreading  

If you have a text that has already been translated or written by a non-native and you would like it to be checked or improve its quality in English, I offer an editing and proofreading service. Proofreading will check spelling, grammar etc, and editing will improve the readability of the text, to ensure the quality of the translation or original text. 

   Art, Culture, heritage, tourism and gastronomy texts. 

My background and love for art, culture, travel and gastronomy has led me to specialise in art, culture, heritage, tourism and gastronomy texts.  These types of texts call for a unique approach. Mixing creativity and a clear understanding of the subject matter, I craft beautifully written, tailor-made translations. 

Some examples of texts in the above fields might include:

  • exhibition documentation for museums or art galleries (e.g. facility reports)
  • labels or descriptions
  • visitor information
  • tourist information             
  • accommodation descriptions
  • websites 
  • documentation for cultural events
  • historical documents
  • research
  • academic articles 
  • press articles etc...   

Other types of texts

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have texts in other subject areas. If I can't do the translation myself I can put you in contact with a translator specialising in that area. 

English and French communication  

As well as translation, I can also help museums, galleries or other institutions communicate with French counterparts. For example, you may need to understand a French insurance policy for the loan of an object or perhaps you have other important information to communicate but it's getting lost in translation. Although I don't translate into French, I speak the language fluently and can help you to communicate efficiently and ensure the smooth running of your operations.   

No two translation projects are the same. Contact me to discuss your project.